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12 ways to make your bed look and feel like a hotel bed.

  • 12 ways to make your bed look and feel like a hotel bed.
  • April 16, 2021

Picture this – you have just spent a long and exhausting day at work. Your feet are weary and all you want to do is to dive into the bed and curl up under the covers.

Or here’s another visual - perhaps you are travelling for work. A busy day spent conducting meetings and talking incessantly is just about getting over. What’s the first thing you envision? Is the inviting and comfortable hotel bed calling out to you?

What if we told you that you could create the look and feel of a hotel bed right in your own home? Here are our top tips to accomplish just that!

 1. Good quality mattress –

Step one towards making your bed look and feel like something out of a hotel brochure, is the backbone of it all. Select a mattress that suits you – whether a therapeutic one or a soft feathered one. It is the key to a good night’s sleep!

 2. Fabric matters –

If you love the smooth, silky texture of hotel sheets, opt for cotton sheets. Cotton is highly breathable and will always feel soft and fresh.

 3. Create layers –

Try creating layers of bedding. Use a mattress protector and on top of that, a fitted sheet or a flat sheet. This should make your bed feel a lot bouncier.

 4. Duvets and comforters –

Invest in sumptuous duvets and comforters that create a sense of unparalleled warmth and romance.

 5. Pillows, pillows and more pillows –

Go big on the number of pillows you place on your bed. These are the perfect ingredients for a bed worth diving into!

 6. Fluff the pillows –

Needless to add, flat pillows are unattractive and just not worth sleeping on. Fluffed up pillows revive them and are worth resting your sleepy head on!

 7. Wow with white –

Besides giving the bed a calm and clean look, White bedding also makes it more welcoming. What more can one ask for at the end of a long and tiring day?

 8. Coloured throws –

Although white is in, a throw or two on top of the bed adds an attractive pop of colour.

 9. Regular washing –

For the fragrant and sweet-smelling feel of a hotel bed, it is important to clean your sheets regularly. Besides ridding your bedding of dust mites and other germs, it lends a mood-lifting aroma to your sheets.

 10. Skirting –

If you have looked closely at a hotel bed, you would notice the frill-like addition that goes down the sides of the bed. This skirting hides the legs of the bed and creates a seamless flow of fabric right down to the floor.

 11. Padded headboard –

Provide the perfect mix of oomph and luxury to your bed.

 12. Fold like a pro –

Perfectly folded bed linen, neatly tucked into the sides of the bed frame. Now if that isn’t pure bliss, we don’t know what is!

Whatever the reason for our stay in a hotel room, we all love the snugness and cosiness offered by the hotel bed. Just follow the tips above and you will not need to wait for your next trip!