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5 Simple Summer Bedding Ideas for 2021

  • 5 Simple Summer Bedding Ideas for 2021
  • Mar 28, 2021

You wake up on a scorching summer day, drenched in your own sweat.

As your senses heighten, you feel uneasy.

The thick, toasty bedding sets you invested in no longer offer you the comfort you desire.

It's time for a summer makeover!

Read ahead to know how you can revamp your bed covers and beat the sizzling heat.

Bid adieu to night sweats and stormy sleep routines with these five simple steps!

1. Opt for Summer-Friendly Materials

Yearning to experience cool, airy nights during the summer? It’s time to invest in bedding crafted from summer-friendly fabric!

In our experience, cotton bedsheets are ideal for those sizzling months. Boasting a range of moisture-wicking properties, cotton bed covers are breathable, allowing maximum airflow at night.

Another option - Microfiber! These bedsheets are made with super fine fibers, providing the same level of breathability and comfort as cotton.

2. Choose the Correct Colour Palette

It's a well-known fact that dark, gloomy bedding absorbs sunlight, trapping heat for long periods.

On the other hand, pastel bed sheets reflect heat, keeping your bed fresh, cool and airy through the night.

Hence, investing in light-coloured sheet sets, comforters and pillow covers during the summer is a must!

3. Layer Up with Caution!

Using 2-3 convenient summer covers like lightweight duvets or comforters made from cotton won’t do any harm! But beware, make sure the layers are thin and not piled up.

In case you’re searching for stylish summer bedding accessories, Portico’s comforter and duvet collections are summer-friendly and exceptionally trendy. Made from high-quality fibers, these bedding sets are suitable for warm weather conditions too!

4. Accent Your Bed with a Stylish Throw Blanket

Used to sleeping with the AC on? You may feel a bit chilly - even during the summer.

Don't worry; it happens to the best of us!

To prevent such a situation, we suggest keeping a light, blanket handy at all times - especially for all you hot sleepers out there.

Moreover, a colour-coordinated blanket coupled with bedding accessories can change up your bedroom's ambience completely!

Chic It Up with Prints And Patterns

Would you feel your best self while donning mediocre clothes? No, right?

Likewise, sleeping on dull bedding doesn't provide the best sensation either.

Hence, it is important to accentuate your bed with bright and lively patterns during the summer.

You can opt for minimalistic floral prints, motifs, or even plain solid colours and coordinate your other bed accessories for a homey feel!

There you have it - 5 simple ideas to summer-proof your bed this searing season!

Don't forget to check out Portico's Website. We have a range of superior quality, wrinkle-resistant summer bedsheets that are machine washable.

Browse through an array of prints, colours and styles and chic up your bed today!