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5 ways to store your precious bed sheets this monsoon season

  • 5 ways to store your precious bed sheets this monsoon season
  • August 22, 2021

After a long day of working from home (given our current scenario), there is nothing more inviting and exciting than slipping under clean and cosy bed linen. A key factor in ensuring this thrill and excitement is fresh and crisp bed linen. 

How you store your bedding, be it your duvet covers, bedcovers, bed sheets or pillowcases is crucial, especially in the damp and humid months of the monsoon season. 

    1. Find a dark and dry space. This is crucial to ensure that mould and fungus does not ever have a chance to proliferate within your home. Whether it is a trunk or simply a storage box, stack it away from light and any form of moisture to ensure long lasting bed linen.
    2. Say no to cheap plastic – we should be restricting our use of plastic anyway! And when it comes to storing your bed linen, it should be no exception. Apart from it not being very environment friendly, plastic or even cardboard storage boxes can cause your bed sheets to become a little yellow over time when you store them.
    3. Protect your linen from dust by saying yes to a fabric and environment friendly bag like a white fabric bag. A very important tip is to use a large pillowcase as your container. Not only would this be more cost effective, but you are making your storage area extremely streamlined. Do make sure that your fabric bags are also regularly washed along with your linen, so that your sheets stay as fresh as possible.
    4. Be neat and organised! Group similar linens together is a great way to stay streamlined. Separating your personal linens from your guest linens makes it easy to access and pull-out whichever ones are needed. If you prefer storing your bed sheets in individual baskets, labelling these containers is as organised as you could get!
    5. There is always something extremely comforting about having fragrant and fresh smelling bed linen. Strategically placed sachets near your bed sheets will subtly enhance the aroma of your linen. The only factor to take into account is that the sachets are white in colour. This will prevent any colour from leaching onto your bed sheets or other bed linen. Scented drawer or shelf liners are also a good alternative if sachets are not handy at any given time. 

Whether you have access to a separate linen closet or not, it is important to note that keeping your linens in pristine condition has a lot more to do with just washing and drying. Effective storage is key to maintaining the colour and integrity of your bed linen and increasing its durability.