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6 Bedsheet Materials that are Ideal for Summer

  • 6 Bedsheet Materials that are Ideal for Summer
  • May 08, 2021

“Dress for the weather”, we have been told several times!

 “It’s windy and blustery outside! Layer up!” 

“It’s a hot and balmy day. Bring out the cottons”

Unsure why your bedsheet materials need to complement the weather outside? On a warm and humid night, you will find yourself waking up in a pool of sweat. Very soon thereafter, you will be kicking off your coverlets and cursing the soaring temperature outside. This is exactly the reason we should select different materials for our bedding in accordance with the season we are in. 

With the bright and beautiful summer season upon us, the days are longer and warmer. Soaring temperatures call for fabric that is lightweight, airy, breathable and have a cooling effect on your body.

For our pick for bedsheet materials for Summer, read on.


The king of all fabrics! Woven from natural fibres, this is the gold standard for comfortable, light and breathable bedding. Known for its moisture-wicking properties, cotton, quite simply, will provide you with the best sleep experience you have ever had! Choose from a variety of cotton bedsheets HERE

Cotton Percale 

Similar in touch and feel to cotton, this is characterised by a matte finish and a crisp look. Equally lightweight and breathable as cotton, it is a perfect choice for the warmer months. Explore some great percale bedsheet options for the summer HERE

Jersey Cotton 

A variant of the woven variety, jersey cotton sheets are knitted using 100% cotton fibres. 

Just imagine wearing a sock and its property of being able to contour itself around your foot. In exactly the same manner, one plus point of this fabric is its elasticity. Another important point is the fact that it is fairly wrinkle-resistant – that would get our vote for sure!


A close successor to cotton, linen, woven from the flax plant breathes remarkably well. It also has cooling properties and is naturally antimicrobial. Particularly important to note, is that is one of the strongest fibres known. This property makes it hold up very well to frequent washing. 


Manufactured using bamboo fibres, this material is moisture-wicking, just like cotton. It is also very fast drying and breathable. One of its main advantages is that it is anti- static, meaning it does not cling. A huge boon, considering the humidity levels of springtime.


Although sometimes viewed as a “cold weather” material, this is a good fabric to tide in the transition between cooler and warmer weather. It is perfect for early spring. Flannel is made from brushed cotton, wool or synthetic fibres. 

Your bed sheets are crucial in dictating your ideal sleep environment. Cooling properties, moisture-wicking and breathability are all key factors in your decision-making process.