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8 Colour Schemes to Welcome Spring!

  • 8 Colour Schemes to Welcome Spring!
  • April 08, 2021

It’s time to wash out the dreary and gloomy colours! It’s time to introduce some light and brightness into your sleep space. It’s time for the change from the cooler climate to warmer months. It’s time to say “Hello” to spring!

The most delicate but vivid and vibrant of all seasons, it calls for a beautiful and fresh colour palette, symbolic to the chirping of white birds, budding pink flowers, stalks of vibrant lavender, lush green grass, baby blue skies and the beautiful bright and yellow Sun.

Not to mention the delicious flavours of ice-cream in those very same hues, the spring colour palette is sure to put a spring in your step wherever you might go.

These are colours of nature – and pairing the ones that go together in nature makes for very soothing and pleasant visuals.

Some “match made in heaven” combinations include:

  • Canary yellow, white and green – As soft and serene as a beautiful, verdant and sun swept garden at high noon.
  • Pistachio and ballet pink – The colours of green and pink speak of playfulness and are every girl’s dream come true.
  • Violet and egg blue – These would bring out a sense of calm and tranquillity and are as beautiful as the bluish-purple hues of the periwinkle.
  • Pear and parchment – Pair a bold colour like pear with the subtle and warmer parchment for the perfect yin and yang moment!
  • Lemon and mint – The warm and tropical lemon yellow coupled with cooling mint will surely invoke memories of chilled lemonade on a hot day.
  • Teal and salmon – These punchy and regal colours are as chirpy as the bird that “teal” takes its name from. Style at its best!
  • Celadon and blue – The elegant and attractive looking colour of celadon contrasts beautifully with the brighter shades of this cool blue!
  • Lavender and butter – The soothing and sleep-inducing effects of lavender are brought to the fore with this butter yellow - perfect combination of warm and cool.

Let’s look forward to fresh foliage, brighter mornings, longer days and clear, transparent skies.

No matter what the age, no matter what the preference of colour, whether plain and understated or sensational and chic, we have the perfect colour palette for you. Whether you lean towards the warm and toasty colours or are more partial towards the cool, zen-like shades, our spring bedding colours will suit every personality and fulfil every expectation.

Because, after all, your bedroom is and must always be your sanctuary!