Bedsheet Colour Combinations to Enhance Your Decor in 2021

  • Colour Combinations
  • Jan 06, 2021

Hey you, reading this article.

Let's do a quick exercise!

Are you home? Yes? Then look around your bedroom.

●  Do you like what you see?

●  Is your decor appealing?

●  How about your bed? Do your bedsheets do it justice?

If your answer to any of the questions above was no, you've come to the right place!

What if we told you upgrading your bedroom doesn't require spending a tonne of money?

That's right! In reality, the perfect bedsheets can do wonders and transform your room into something magical in a matter of minutes!

Simply switching the colour, pattern or fabric of your bedding can elevate your bed into a statement piece to match the rest of your decor. We can 'bed' on that!

Don't believe us? Read ahead to know more about the best bedding trends of 2021!

Earthy Green for an Amazonian Feel

Whether you live in India's mountainous regions or near the Arabian Sea, enjoying a fresh and exotic feel with an array of rich, earthy green bedsheets has never been easier!

Make every day feel like a journey through a tropical rainforest. Get lost in a dreamland under a vast canopy of trees! Anything is possible.

With Portico's Rainforest Collection, dress up your sanctuary in this exotic style and feel the tropical breeze all year round!


Soft Pastels = Shabby Chic

If you dream of feminine colours and patterned bedsheets with a vintage twist, shabby chic might be the style for you!

Whether you crawl into bed with a novel or hot cup of tea, this design is for old souls who love homey, fluffy touches.

Pair these bed covers with frilly pillows and extra comfy pastel coloured comforters, and you’re ready to go!


Rainbow in Your Room

Have you ever found the other end of a rainbow?

What if we told you the big ol' pot of gold has been in your room this entire time?

With our VIBGYOR Collection, the possibilities are endless! Enjoy hues of handpicked shades that will complement any bedroom.

Add a pop of colour to your dreams and life with these vibrant bedsheet sets. After all, colours do speak louder than words!


Dusty Pinks & Browns for a Minimalistic Look

If you love minimal styles and enjoy the creature comfort of lounging in bed, consider dressing it with sheets made from 100% cotton that feel softer with each wash!

Here, functional comfort is the name of the game.

Additionally, timeless colours like light blush or taupe are calming, cosy and exceptionally comfortable, especially when layered with a soft, plush comforter for cold nights!


Simple Solids for a Modern Look

Translate your sleek style into your bedsheets with a modern twist!

Try pairing neutral colours like grey or white with pops of colour. A little contrast goes a long way!

Additionally, solid colours and understated patterns make huge style statements and are extremely easy to clean.

In the end, simplicity is key, so ensure your bed is the ideal combination of comfortable and chic for the perfect hint of modernism.

Lavish Pink for Glam Bedsheets

Splurge on quality cotton bedsheets and tap into your feminine energy! With bedding sets from our Percale Collection, adding a hint of magic to your bedroom has never been easier!

The best colour combinations for glam bedsheets include light neutrals and tender shades such as dusty pink, lavender or ivory.

When paired with a plush comforter and fluffy pillows, be sure to enjoy deep slumber like Sleeping Beauty all night, every night.

Bold & Trendy for Urban Chic

Bring out the fashionista in you.

Think out of the box. Be your own stylist. Play around with a range of geometric shapes and patterns. Experiment with bold, striking prints and stylish strokes that will surely make your bedding stand out of the crowd.

Attaining a chic, urban look in the blink of an eye is now possible with stunning, quality bed sheets from our Verve Collection!

Mix Don’t Match

Do you often think about changing your bedroom decor with every passing season?

Well, you don't have to!

Mixing and matching bedsheets can keep your interior fun, and fresh all year round.

Invest in 2 or 3 multicoloured bedsheets and style them up with patterned accessories. By choosing colours that complement each other, you can mix and match pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted sheets, duvet covers and even comforters!

Luckily for you, the experts at Portico have painstakingly crafted quirky bedsheets for all your design needs! Check out our Mix Don’t Match Collection.


No matter your preference, Portico has it all.

Offering a wide range of single bedsheets, double bed sheets and king size bed sheets, our website is sure to be your one-stop-shop for everything bedroom related.

Visit our website now and avail an array of exciting discounts!

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