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Fun ways to wash and store winter bedding

  • Fun ways to wash and store winter bedding
  • May 24, 2021

After the brief cool spell of winter, we have now welcomed spring in full form! Windows have been thrown open to let in the summer air. As important as bringing in the bedding for the new season is, equally crucial is the washing and storing away the bedding of the previous one.

It is the perfect opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate your home for this change of season.

Wash and store your winter bedding – super warm blankets, throws, mattress covers and duvets – and revamp your home for the warmer weather.

Before putting away winter bedding, it is crucial to wash it so that it is fresh, clean and stain free. Some body oils do tend to stain and discolour sheets, which might be a challenge to remove after several months of storage.

Mild detergents work best with winter bedding, given the delicate nature of the materials it is manufactured with. This is also extremely beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin that is prone to skin allergies. Equally vital for this day and age when being environment conscious is the name of the game, is to choose a wash cycle that is energy and water efficient. The temperature setting also plays an important role in ensuring minimal usage of natural resources. You must check the wash-care instructions of your bedding in that tiny label!

Not to forget while you are washing the bed sheets is to wash the pillows as well. Pop them into the washing machine according to the manufacturers’ instructions and your pillows will be as good as new!

Washing your winter bedding is just half the job done. The other half entails appropriately storing it in order to maintain its quality. Once the linen is thoroughly dry, fold, fold and fold!

It should then be neatly packed into bags made of fabric. Vacuum bags are also a good alternative to keep away dust mites, mould and insects that are known to destroy fabric. Plastic and cardboard bags or boxes are an absolute no-no! They can be breeding grounds for mould and mildew. Cockroaches are actually known to be attracted to cardboard, so you would certainly want to steer clear of those!

A dark and cool place free of moisture is the perfect environment for storing any kind of linen that is not going to be in use for some time. This would keep it free of dampness and humidity and prolong the life of your winter bedding.

Now that you know how to protect and effectively maintain your winter bedding until required, put your feet up, relax and enjoy the warmer months! And be rest assured that when winter does come around, your linen will be exactly the way you last saw it!