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Goodbye summer - Hello monsoon. Our ways to make this transition simple

  • Goodbye summer - Hello monsoon. Our ways to make this transition simple
  • August 28, 2021

The rains are here with a bang and we are sure you could not be happier! Beautiful and overcast skies, a cool and intoxicating breeze and the sound of the pitter patter on your windows. Most of all, the perfect cure for the very hot, sultry and humid summer. As inviting as this season is, it is important to ensure that you make the transition from summer to monsoon fairly simple.

Invest in some new monsoon colours for your home – cool and calm colours such as blues and greens are visually soothing. Being on the same side of the colour spectrum as the colours of nature, it can help bring the outdoors inside. If these shades are not your thing, how about some bold and vibrant oranges and reds? These can inject a pop of colour into any room and can help bring cheer to even the dullest of days. Colours can be incorporated into your bed sheets, pillow cases or comforters. A small change of colour to your cushion covers or curtains can actually breathe new life into your space as well.

As much as we all love the monsoons, this season brings with it a huge number of bug infestations, along with the omnipresent mould and fungus. Eradicate this nuisance by ensuring that the levels of humidity in your home are kept under control. Dehumidifiers are a great solution to this. 

There are certain fabrics that are very well suited for the rainy season, as opposed to others. Quick drying materials are the way to go for these humid months of the year. This would prevent mould and mildew (which thrive in damp and moist weather) from developing and then multiplying, thus keeping your space fresh and dry. Heavy fabrics can be counter-productive as they lock in moisture and heat, making it a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.

After the sweltering heat of the long and endless summer months, the first shower of monsoon is such a respite to all of us. We welcome the rains with open arms as they wash everything, making the world look fresh and beautiful. When it is pouring outside, it is nice to watch the rain from the cosy comfort and confines of our homes.

However, to enjoy the best of what the season has to offer and to minimise the occasional issues that it presents, it is advisable to get your house ready for the season. Our tips mentioned above would make the transition between summer and the monsoon as seamless and simple as ABC! Shop our Towels HERE.