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Great Ideas to Gift Your Loved Ones This Diwali!

  • Diwali Gifting
  • Nov 10, 2020

Diwali is right around the corner, and we all know what that means! It’s time to celebrate the illumination and extravagance of the festival of lights through sequenced new clothing, mouth-watering sweets and dazzling ornaments. As Indians all over the world begin sprucing up their interiors with rangoli, lanterns, candles and more, we’re here to tell you one thing. Celebrations are always incomplete without thoughtful gifts to win the hearts of your friends and family. Whether you’re looking for something special for your young nephew or a couple who just tied the knot, we, at Portico, have just the selection of bedsheets and comforters for you. Let’s take a look, shall we?  


A Wide Range of Choices for All Your Loved Ones !

For the Young at Heart Ever wondered the secret to staying young at heart? Well, the striking, playful, graphic bedsheets from our 'Happiness Is' Collection is the answer. This quirky range is more than just a collection of bed linen, it’s a reason to live, laugh and love. Its cheerful vibe brightens up your sleep space and brings it alive through vibrant colours and fun-filled designs. Adding joy to your loved one's homes this Diwali has never been easier!

Happiness Collection

For the Newly Weds

Has a close family member or friend tied the knot recently? Now’s the perfect time to send them a joint gift for their wedding and Diwali! With our ‘Just Us’ Collection, give these newly weds a chance to celebrate moments of togetherness, love, passion and intimacy. Enveloped in hues of rich, striking colours, our beautifully crafted bed linen coupled with a luxurious sheen will surely leave an everlasting impression in their bedroom.

Just Us Collection

For the Adventurous Spirit

We all have that one family member who seeks adventure and loves exploring the world. But since the eruption of COVID-19, travelling is not a safe option yet, and we can only imagine their pain! Well, why not bring the feeling of adventure and exploration to them? With our 'Rainforest Collection’, transforming one's bedroom into a jungle of calmness and serenity is extremely easy. Allow them to unwind in the lap of sheer comfort and mystery as they bring the chills of the Amazon indoors with these eye-catching bedsheets an comforters!

For the Fiery Fashionista

With chic, striped geometric comforters from our ‘Verve Collection’, allow the smart starts in your family to transform their room into a trendy, chic statement that never goes out of style! Designed with bold, elegant and eccentric colour combinations; these comforters can add a refreshing twist to anyone’s room but suit those who have an elite taste in decor.

For the Homebody

We have just the collection for family members and loved ones who feel safe in the comfort of their homes. Made with super soft micro fabric, comforters from our ‘Snow Flakes’ Collection are plush, soft and incredibly cosy; perfect for anyone who enjoys the company of their bed. These self-printed quilts paired with a luxurious, chic urbanity are sure to make a lazy day, even cozier. Snow FlakesCollection .

For the Old Soul

We have a special surprise for the kindred spirit of your family. Lo and behold! We present a slice of paradise with top-quality, remarkably cosy comforters from our 'Shalimaar Collection'. In a myriad of bold and beautiful colours, this quilt set embraces a traditional pattern of the yesteryears, perfect for anyone looking to add a vintage charm to their bedroom.

For The Art Enthusiast

Why not give the visionaries of your family a piece of artwork that not only elevates the ambience of their bedroom but also keeps them warm and cosy? The daring bedsheets and comforters from our ‘Vienna Collection’ - Marvella collection represents a magnificent piece of modern art, and can instantly elevate the ambience of any sacred space, catching the eye of every art lover.

For the Home Decor Lover

Ever had a loved one continually switch up the ambience of their home through tedious renovations? But what if instead of constant redecoration, there was an easier way to mix up and change interior decor? With Portico’s ‘Mix Don’t Match’ Collection, anything is possible. Boasting an array of unique combinations, this range of bedsheets and comforters is sure to spruce up anyone’s home decor!

Mix Dont Match Collection

Besides being known as the festival of gifting, Diwali is also the festival of splurging on oneself. So don’t forget to gift yourself something special this festive season. Nobody deserves it more than you do! With Portico, explore a range of bedsheets and comforters for every occasion and loved one, at an array of price points.