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How to Keep your Bedsheets Odour Free This Monsoon Season

  • How to Keep your Bedsheets Odour Free This Monsoon Season
  • June 2, 2021

The beautiful rainy season will be upon us shortly. Accompanied by cool breeze, lush greenery and the intoxicating smell of damp soil. Although mould and mildew are sometimes a part of it as well, we have a sure shot way of ensuring that your bedsheets stay fresh, clean and sweet smelling all through this season!

Mould is primarily caused due to increasing humidity, which is the hallmark of the monsoon season. 

Silica Packets

Silica packets are a great way to keep this humidity at bay, due to its moisture absorbing properties. Keep a packet of silica close to stored bed linen and moisture and mould will not stand a chance!


Applying direct heat onto your bedsheets is a good way to kill mould and mildew. Ironing your bedsheets before use will work magic on your bed linen and remove all traces of mould.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is not just an ingredient used in baking. It has excellent odour and stain removing properties. What’s more – it also softens the fabric at the same time! Just one tablespoon of it whilst washing your bed linen will do the trick!

Dryer Balls & Dehumidifiers

Dryer balls used in washing machines are ensure that bed linen stays untangled in the machine. This naturally leads to shorter drying times, which in turn reduces the incidence of mould and nasty damp odours on your linen.

Investing in a mini dehumidifier is also a very effective way of keeping your bed linen storage area dry and moisture free, hence eliminating the accompanying damp odours. An added bonus is its properties of repelling insects that are naturally attracted to damp and warm places. A complete win-win situation in our books!

Moisture being the leading cause of mould and mildew, it is vital to ensure that our bed linen and towels are always completely dry before you store them away. Dark, cramped and poorly ventilated places are the biggest contributors to mould in your house. It is also important to ensure that your bed linen such as bed sheets, comforters, duvets or pillow cases are not jammed tight in your wardrobe. Allowing them space to “breathe” will render them fresh and sweet smelling throughout the monsoon season. 


Camphor, used often for religious purposes, plays a pivotal role in ridding your bed linen and your bedroom of fungal and mould infestation. All you require to do is light a few pieces of camphor for about 15 minutes daily for a great smelling space.

By following these simple and very effective steps, you will be able to enjoy the pouring rain outside – from the comfort of a fresh and very fragrant room inside!