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How to Perfectly Colour Coordinate Bath Towels

  • How to Perfectly Colour Coordinate Bath Towels
  • May 02, 2021

Are white towels all that you have got? Want to bring a little twist in your bath décor? Towels are the most affordable way to give your bathroom a fresh and new look. They were formerly considered solely as textile items that, over time, have come to play a significant role in the bathroom décor. Style has been incorporated as a criterion for choosing towels that have become an integral part of the decorative design you choose to build or manufacture in your bathroom. Various towel displays in recent times have often shown how effective towels are in bathroom décor.

Bathroom décor to be considered

Spend more time in your bathroom before choosing on a new towel colour to absorb the original décor. Your towel colour should complement the existing colours and style scheme, rather than standing out as mismatched. Spending time in your bathroom will help you identify the things you want to highlight in your towel paint. Next, remember the shades that are actually in your bathroom. Will one of your new accent colours serve as the colour of your towel? Using an accent colour from your bathroom's tiles, shower curtain, or accessories will illuminate the colour, making it more visible in those areas. You know the colour works perfectly as it is already in your bathroom. Colours that clash with existing design features should be avoided. It is cool for the towel colour to stand out, but it should not seem to compete with other colours or items in the bathroom. This results in a disjointed appearance. Colour may also be inspired by the general theme or design of the bathroom. Bright yellow towels look out of place in a spa-like décor scheme and break the rhythm of the space design. To achieve a unified look, choose colours that complement the overall design scheme.

Bathroom size to be considered

The size of your bathroom will also influence the colour of your towels. Towel colour may have an effect on how a room looks in the same way as wall colour does. Dark, bulky towels darken the room's general look, rendering it seem smaller. Lighter colours on your towels, on the other hand, brighten the room and help it feel airy, light, and more spacious. Consider white or a soft colour that complements your décor if you have a small bathroom. If you have an oversized bathroom that looks, too big, darker shades will make it feel more intimate and comfortable.

Colour co-ordinate them!

Towels will add a warm, final change to a bathroom, so choose a nice accent colour or pattern for a stack. Another choice is to stock the cabinets with seasonally appropriate colours (for example, vibrant beachy colours in spring/summer, colder colours in fall/winter). The most conventional choice is soft white towels, which look timeless and match every design or atmosphere.

Choose a Colour:

Colour is an important aspect when decorating your bathroom with bath towels. White, beige, cream, and other neutral colours complement almost every bathroom decor scheme. They give your bathroom a light, airy feel. Since light neutrals can be bland, opting for a cheerful alternative can help to brighten up your bathroom. It is a convenient way to add a splash of colour without having to paint the walls. Choose white towels for a clean, modern look. If you like, the look of clean lines, white towels might be for you. White towels evoke the look and sound of a hotel or spa bathroom, and they can complement every bathroom or current décor. Remember fading when choosing towel shades. Darker coloured towels disappear quicker than lighter coloured towels. Because of daily usage and washing, the fabric can naturally fade with time. To pick the colour of your bath towel, consider the other colours and accessories in the bathroom. Colours that complement the current functionality should be used. Instead of attempting to fit an established blue colour in your bathroom, select a complimentary colour. The contrast of two different towel colours adds attention to your room. The contrasting colours are also useful for layering towels to show on a towel rack. If you have multiple bathrooms, you can even color-coded your towels. When you pick a different colour for and towel, it is simpler to put it away in the correct bathroom.

Choose a Pattern:

Do you want solid-coloured or patterned towels? Solid-coloured towels are a more durable choice that can last for years, even though the fashion tastes change. Patterns add a more artistic touch, which will make your bathroom more interesting. Any towels feature designs made up of two or three distinct colours. This provides the most distinction and stands out. Patterned towels add a lot of colour appeal and are a perfect way to bind all of the colours in your bathroom together. Look for colours that are already available in your bathroom and aim to find a towel that blends certain colours into the towel's pattern. Another alternative is to use stitching to make tone-on-tone designs. These blended designs are less obvious but just as decorative. If you cannot choose, think about doing both. You could select solid-coloured bath towels and match them with patterned hand towels. Floral towels are a great way to add a feminine touch to every room. Floral towels are also a perfect way to add a country-chic touch to your own. Set floral towels to solid towels to build a retro throwback look in your bathroom. Mixing flower designs is not a good idea because it would be physically overwhelming. Buy flower hand towels to contrast with larger bathroom linens in light pink or ivory.


You are not required to use a single colour in your bathroom. Purchase towels in two contrasting colours that complement each other and your décor. This provides aesthetic appeal while still satisfying the appetite for two distinct colours. Choose various colours of towels at different times of the year to bring versatility to the towel colour range. For e.g., in the spring and summer, you might go with lighter colours, while in the winter, you might go with a more neutral palette. It can be difficult to select a colour that complements the current décor. If you are undecided about a colour, order a single package of that colour. Place the set in the bathroom and play with different design features to see how it feels. Examine the towels under various lighting conditions, such as natural light during the day and artificial light at night. If you like, the way the towels look, order enough of them to suit your needs. If it does not seem to be working, go back through the colour choices and try again. Your personal interests support you in making the ultimate purchase decision. Since bath towels are very less in cost as compared to furniture, you can change your mind later on. The benefit of purchasing bath towels is that there is no right or wrong response. Follow the intuition. If you like the hotel-style look of white towels, use them in all of your bathrooms. If you find the neutral to be too dull, add some vibrant colour to your bathroom with your towel selection. At the end, it is you, who has to live with your choice of towel colour, so choose the one that makes you feel good.