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Keep yourself healthy this Monsoon with Portico’s Therapeia range

  • Keep yourself healthy this Monsoon with Portico’s Therapeia range
  • July 01, 2021

The rainy season lasts for about three or four months each year. It is accompanied by light drizzles, at times interspersed with heavy rainfall. A cool and beautiful breeze is omnipresent, along with grey clouds sweeping across the sky. 

This change in weather is often characterised by “feeling under the weather”. Many of us get the sniffles. Extremely high humidity in the air causes a host of health problems such as allergies and other infections that are typical of the season. Dust mites, bed bugs, fungus and mould are prevalent during the monsoon owing to the high levels of humidity in the air and your bed can potentially be a breeding ground for these unwanted guests. It is, therefore, imperative that your bedding is protected from these organisms.

Mattress and Pillow protectors from Portico’s Therapeia range provide insulation to your mattress, along with added protection against harmful germs and bacteria that thrive in damp and moist conditions. With hypoallergenic properties, these mattress protectors are designed to lessen one’s exposure to environmental allergens. This, in turn, minimises the effect of said allergens on individuals who have a sensitivity to them.

For a sleep experience that is comfortable and easy on your body, the Bamboo charcoal pillow from the Therapeia range provides excellent pressure point relief and comfort. This memory foam pillow, complete with hypoallergenic benefits, perfectly contours to your back for a blissful sleep. Your back and joints are sure to thank you for it!

In the monsoon months, when the temperature does tend to fall a little, snuggling under your duvet can be sheer heaven! Our silky soft and lightweight duvets can be just the cure for an otherwise dreary and rainy day. With a filling that renders the duvet free of dust mites, it is also safe for those who are prone to allergies. 

Our sparkling white duvets from the Soyabean collection are breathable and comfortable with natural fibre that resists dust mites and provides excellent insulation.  

On a different note, our range of towels is perfect for the damp season due to their quick drying properties – a big blessing since it wards off mould, mildew and bacteria that love and crave moisture.

So, whether you are looking for duvets and comforters, pillows, mattress protectors or towels, our Therapeia range of bed and bath linen is sure to hit the brief. Your health and comfort are foremost on our mind and with our range, you are guaranteed a safe and comfortable night’s sleep!