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Q1. What is a cotton Dohar?

Dohars are traditional Indian blankets, exceptionally famous for their eccentric designs and long-lasting comfort. They are usually made up of three layers. The middle layer contains the filling, i.e. cotton flannel, while the upper and lower layers are made from thinner cotton fabric. This ensures that dohars remain soft, resilient and fresh for a long time!

Q2. What is a Dohar used for?

Dohars are primarily used to keep warm during chilly winters. However, that isn't the only reason to own a dohar. This soft blanket is also a fashion statement that can instantly add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bedroom. Simply drape your dohar across beds or furniture to give them a more premium look and feel! 


Q3. What is the difference between a Comforter and a Dohar?

Comforters are usually made with thick-padding to prevent loss of heat. Even though they might be ideal for cold winter nights, they certainly aren’t the right choice during hot summer nights. Made from cotton or wool; the weight and insulation levels of a comforter are generally determined by the loft of the filling.


Dohars are lighter in weight and breathable having three layers. A layer that consists of the filling material, which is mostly cotton. This layer is between the top and bottom layer of the dohar, which is made with fine & soft cotton fabric. It is the perfect choice throughout the year.


Q4. What should I look for when buying Dohars online?

While searching for dohars online, there are several factors one must be aware of. We’ve listed a few important details below:

  • When you buy a dohar online, reading the product description section is a must as it gives you information about the dohar, fibre and cotton content. 

  • Dohars come in a variety of sizes. Single dohars are usually 150 x 224 cm. On the other hand, double size dohars are larger; usually 224 x 254 cm. 

  • The colour of dohars certainly plays a significant role in determining the ambience of your bedroom. 

  • Sometimes, there might be a vast difference between online and actual photos of a dohar. In such situations, you should be able to return or exchange the dohar without any fuss. 

Q5. Are Dohars washable? / How do I clean my Dohar?

Yes, Dohars are very easy to clean and maintain. Simply observe the following steps while washing your dohar:

  • Machine Wash (Warm)

  • Wash Dark Colours Separately 

  • Do Not Bleach

  • Tumble Dry, Normal Low Heat

  • Iron Medium


Q6. What sizes are Dohars available in?

At Portico, dohars are available in two sizes. Our dohar size guide is given below:




Single Size Dohar

60 x 88 in

150 x 224 cms

Double Size Dohar

88 x 100 in

224 X 254 cms


Q7. What is the cost of a Dohar?

The cost of good quality cotton dohars usually ranges from Rs. 1,000 to Rs, 3,000 in India. 


Given below is a list of Portico’s dohars and their prices:




Single Size Dohar

150 x 224 cms

Rs. 1,274 - Rs. 1,499

Double Size Dohar

224 X 254 cms

Rs. 2,099 - Rs. 3,000


Q8. Are Portico Dohars reversible?

Yes, Portico’s dohars are reversible. This means that the dohar can be inverted inside out and essentially has two designs. So if you’re looking to change up your bedroom ambience now and then, a reversible dohar would be a perfect choice.