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King Size Bedsheets

Q1. What are the measurements of a king-size bedsheet in inches?

Portico’s king-size bedsheets come in three sizes:

Sheet Size Inches Centimeters
King Size Bedsheet 90 x 108 in 229 X 274 cms
Super King Size Bedsheet 108 x 108 in 274 X 274 cms
Fitted King Size Bedsheet 72 x 78 in Drop Size - 8 in 182 x 198 cms + Drop Size - 20 cms

Q2. What is the biggest bedsheet size?

At Portico, our largest super king-size bedsheets generally measure 274 x 274 cms (108 x 108 inches) and come with coordinated pillow covers measuring 46 x 69 cms (18 x 27 inches).

Q4. Is it okay to use fitted king-size sheets on a queen bed?

While using fitted king-size sheets on a queen bed is possible, here are a few ways in which you can make it work:

  1. Tuck in the excess fabric
  2. Use a few old sock garters and stretch them from corner to corner under the mattress. This will hold the sheet in place.
  3. If all else fails, get your king-size sheet altered to queen size.

Q5. What kind of fabric is best for king-size bedsheets?

The best quality king-size bedsheets are made from 100% cotton. This material has extra-long-staple fibres that produce a luxurious yet durable feel. That's not all; cotton is also the most breathable fabric for humid climate and suitable for those with sensitive skin and an all time favourite for the summer season.

Q6 .What is the difference between king and super king-size bedsheets?

While a regular king-size bedsheet is usually 229 x 274 cms (90 x 108 inches), a super king-size bedsheet measures 274 x 274 cms (108 x 108 inches). Thus, super king-size essentially gives you more of everything - space, length and width!