The Secret to a Cozier & Fluffier Bed

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  • Dec 22, 2020

Coming back home after a vacation or a business trip has its own thrill. Driving down from the airport, stepping into your home again and showering in your bathroom again. Your favourite home-made meal which fills your soul more than your stomach. Then finally making your way to your bed when you miss that hotel-room comfort all again. Fear not, your bed can look just as inviting, comfortable and fluffy as a hotel bed or a home decor store display can - all thanks to a comforter!

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a thick and quilted, fluffy covering intended to keep a person warm and snug. Now, doesn’t that sound cozy? A comforter is usually filled evenly with soft fibers or their alternative. It is the perfect topper for your bed!

The secret to your bed looking fluffy & chic

If you lend your ears to the professionals at Portico, they have something interesting to say. “The best part about comforters is that they are made to last! Investing in a good quality comforter means reaping those benefits for at least 3-5 years!” Comforters are a simple one-stop-shop for glamming up your bed without having to purchase different decorative covers or prints. Opting for Portico’s Just Us Classic comforter is a great way to bring colour into your bed linen without having to switch it up regularly. On the other hand, fans of patterns and styles need not worry. Portico offers a wide range of designs to choose from for a wide range of age groups. The Facets collection of comforters online has eye-catching colour gradients to bring brightness to your room. For the more non-conventional ones, Portico’s Lavender & Cadence comforters online is the perfect fit for you! A contemporary mix of bold colors and clean designs for modern ones.

If you consider yourself a wild one, then let Portico’s Havana collection of comforters take you into the depths of the Amazon forest with its exotic sights, natural colours and wondrous beauty. Now that you know the secret to a cozier & fluffier bed, get ready to bounce your way to a restful slumber.

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