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The Ultimate Care Guide for Bath Towels

  • The Ultimate Care Guide for Bath Towels
  • August 26, 2021

Towels are everyday essentials. From after-shower snuggle to post-swim drying, a towel is your trusted partner. Caring for your towels is pretty simple if you get the basics right. Here are a few tips to help you keep your towels looking new and feeling fresh even after several washes.

The care regime starts with picking the right towels

The better the quality of the towel, the more likely it is to stay soft and fresh after multiple washes. So, choose high-quality cotton in your favourite colours and patterns. Portico range of towels with the finest quality of cotton delivers superior durability and colour-fastness. So, you know you’ve made the right choice. 

The first wash is a very important one 

Once you get your hands on a new towel, control the urge of using it right away. Give it a proper wash. Toss it into a washing machine or bucket wash it – your choice. But skip the softener. This will wash off any irritants from the towel to give you a clean feel. 

Care for your towel every day 

A cotton towel is your close aid after every shower. Once you dry yourself with it, don’t hurl it around your room. A damp towel can be a home to many nasties. Also, the moisture can damage the surface it’s placed on. So, spread it on a clothesline to dry. Don’t dry it in direct sunlight to protect its colours. 

Wash your towels regularly 

Just like we have showers regularly to keep our body clean, even our towels need to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Get into a habit of washing your towels after every week. This washes off the germs, foul smell etc. from the towel, giving you a fresh towel after every wash. You must also check your wash-care instructions before anything!

Wash your coloured and white towels separately 

If you’re washing in a machine, it’s’ best to wash the towels in their own load. They take longer to launder and dry. This extended time may damage your apparel, linen etc. Also, most fabric softeners have silicon that makes towels water repellent. So, it’s best to avoid them. 

Coloured towels: The best way to wash your coloured towels is with warm water and mild detergent. 

White towels: Wash your white towels separately to avoid subtle discolouration over time. Wash them in warm water with a mild detergent. To maintain the shiny whiteness of the towels, you may use non-chlorine bleach. 

Proper drying is as essential as washing 

Letting wet towels stay in the dryer for too long may give them an unpleasant mildew smell. 

Give your towels enough time to fully dry in the dryer. You can also hang it away from direct sunlight to protect its colours. 

While tumble drying makes towels fluffy, the heat from the dryer can damage the cotton. It’s best to use a lower heat setting and to alternate between air and heat drying.

If you follow these washing and drying techniques, you can avoid musty odours or faded colours. You can enjoy the soft, fluffy texture of your towels for longer. So, pick your favourite towels from Portico and enjoy them for a long time. 

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