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Top 5 ways to Dry your Bedsheets on Rainy Days

  • Top 5 ways to Dry your Bedsheets on Rainy Days
  • August 20, 2021

Rainy days always bring along beautiful, romantic weather. Overcast skies, cool breeze and the customary smell of wet soil. The joy of roasted corn on the cob, all washed down with some hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate! 

The downside to the rains? The moist and humid air that hangs over all of us. Drying your clothes and bed linen can become very cumbersome during these months. Not to mention the possible fungus and mould which actually loves this kind of weather!

Nevertheless, we have pulled out of the bag some invaluable tips on how you can dry your bed linen quickly and effectively.

    1. If your bed linen is hand washed, it is very crucial to let it drip dry to remove all excess moisture from it before hanging it out to dry. If washed in the washing machine, two or three spin cycles will ensure that your bed sheets are almost dry, after which they will take no time at all to dry completely on the clothes stand.
    2. Speaking of clothes stands, spreading out your bed sheets and other bed linen on the stand makes for very fast and effective drying. You will not even require any electrical drying. Just wash your clothes as normal and lay them out flat on your stand. Consuming absolutely no power at all, this method is seamless and highly environment friendly. 
    3. A big hindrance to effective and fast drying of fabric would be high levels of humidity indoors. Controlling the moisture levels inside your home would pave the way for faster drying of your bed sheets. Salt is known to be hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture very readily. 
    4. Simple salt bags or air purifier bags would serve this purpose perfectly. 
    5. Ironing is not a household chore only for completely dry bed sheets. Running an iron over your bedsheets before use or before storage would remove any residual moisture or dampness from the sheet. Bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers would definitely benefit from quick exposure to a hot iron.
    6. Although not the most obvious or convenient choice, given the size of the bed sheet, a quick fix when drying becomes an emergency is to use a hair dryer. Not the simplest fix, but very handy at certain times. 
    7. Having clean and dry sheets is imperative for a good night’s sleep. It is also very important to ensure that all bacteria and other germs that thrive on moisture are eradicated from your bed linen. Putting to optimum use some of the drying tips as mentioned above would ensure that your home remains free of dampness and germs!