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Top 6 Summer bedding trends of 2021!

  • Top 6 Summer bedding trends of 2021!
  • May 20, 2021

Summer is here!

Nothing signals summer more than bright blue skies, lush greenery and long, drawn-out days. As we say goodbye to the dark and dreary winter and say hello to the colours of summer, it is time to revamp your sleeping space.

To welcome the warmest and most cheerful of all seasons, we have the top summer bedding trends of 2021 covered!

    1. Lightweight cotton is making a strong comeback this summer! Made of natural fibres, this material is highly long lasting. Cotton gets softer with every wash making it a very sought-after material when it comes to your bed sheets and pillowcases.

    3. Mix and match of colours are trending at the moment! Instead, this summer, do not be afraid to pair contrasting colours together. For example, try out striped peach and cream sheets with a clay or rust coloured duvet. Bring out the adventurous part of you! Check out our Mix Don’t Match range of bedding!


    5. Eco-conscious and hypoallergenic bedding is more the need of the hour today than ever before. Choose bedding that is not just good looking and comfortable, but also better for the environment. Hypo allergenic bedding is the perfect solution for people with delicate skin. Fabrics with natural fibres like cotton and bamboo are naturally hypo allergenic and well suited for individuals with skin sensitivity. Check out our Therapeia range.

    7. “Back to nature” designs are a big draw this summer. Modern technology and gadgetry are being used so frequently in the current scenario. To counter this, a sense of greenery and nature is soothing and calming and helps to bring the outdoors, inside your space.

    9. Blankets and comforters are not just for winter. With the air conditioner on at full blast, they can give you the perfect warm and cosy touch in your bedroom. Make your blankets and comforters summer ready with breathable materials such as cotton, linen and bamboo. These have excellent moisture wicking properties and will ensure the most comfortable and uninterrupted sleep imaginable.

    11. Keep it clean. What is the point in investing in good quality bedding if it cannot be protected? The need for mattress, duvet and pillow protectors has surged over the past few months. These covers protect your bedding from moisture, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, if left untreated. They will also reduce the wear and tear of the bedding and make it easier to launder.

Bedroom is the place we welcome another bright and cheerful summer’s day. And it is the room that we retire in at the end of a long day spent at work or doing chores around the house. We spend the most peaceful part of our day in the bedroom. So, make it a comfortable, relaxing and cosy haven for you!