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Two Genius Methods to Put on A Duvet Cover

  • Two Genius Methods to Put on A Duvet Cover
  • May 21, 2021

Dressing a bed with summer bedding has to include a duvet cover in a bright and vibrant print. However, to summer-fy your room, you’re first going to have to tackle task number one on your to-do list - ‘fill duvet cover.’

Lucky for you, we’ve got two easy methods to put on a duvet cover, so with a few steps, we'll have your duvet wrapped like an expert! Once you’ve learned the swiftest way to put on a duvet cover, we’ll then move on to the fun part - shopping for a Portico duvet cover! There’s no need to type in buy duvet cover online, on Google, when Portico has some excellent options. We’ll share our top 3 with you in this blog and save you time searching for it online.

Let’s get started!

Traditional Method to Put on A Duvet Cover

Before you try any other method, the traditional method is probably the best way to begin filling your 100% cotton duvet cover.

    1. Start by flipping the duvet cover inside out and laying it on the bed. Make sure the opening is at the foot of the bed.
    2. Lay your duvet on the bed and match the corners of your duvet cover with it.
    3. Tie the strings to the loops on duvet corners. Portico’s duvet covers have strings on the corners, which can be easily attached to the loops on duvet corners. 
    4. Now, standing at the end of the bed, place your hands inside the duvet cover and hold the top corners of the duvet and duvet cover.
    5. Flip the cover right side out while still holding on to the corners for extra support. If you’ve tied the corners well, the duvet will slide into the duvet cover with ease.
    6. Then, tie the bottom ends corners of the duvet and duvet cover.
    7. Once the duvet is inside the duvet cover, fasten the opening with the buttons to wrap the duvet securely.
    8. Give the duvet cover a good old shake, and make sure to fluff up the duvet to make it look nice and evenly distributed.
    9. Voila, you’re done!

The Burrito Method to Put on A Duvet

Also known as the Burrito method, or if you're a true desi, let’s call it the Kathi roll method. Whatever you’d like to call it, this method has changed many bedding-lover’s time and effort. 

    1. Lay your duvet cover, inside out, on the bed, with the opening at the foot of the bed.
    2. Lay the duvet on top of the duvet cover. Important tip - Match all four corners up neatly, using the strings and loops on the duvet that Portico provides, tie them securely.
    3. Once fastened tightly, grab the top end of the duvet cover (not the side with the opening), and begin to roll both the duvet and duvet cover together. Creating a neat roll.
    4. Now, grab one end of the roll and open the duvet cover. Insert the duvet into the duvet cover opening, turning it inside out. Essentially you are inserting the duvet into the duvet cover. It should look like a giant Kathi roll on your bed.
    5. Fasten the button closure and proceed to unroll/ unfurl the duvet and the duvet cover onto the bed
    6. Fluff up the duvet, making sure it’s all evenly spread.
    7. Voila, you’re done!

Buy Duvet Cover Online!

Now that we’ve run through two easy methods to fill duvet covers, it’s time to buy some, don’t you agree? Below are our top 3 Portico duvet cover options that we’re sure you're going to love. Not only do they provide protection for duvets that are expensive, but they’re also easy to wash because they’re 100% cotton, making them a must-have summer bedding item. Check out our duvet covers HERE.

Create a whimsical summertime vibe in your bedroom this season by shopping for the perfect duvet cover or bedding set from Portico. We hope you find putting a duvet cover on effortless with our two methods; if you try either of them, remember to tag us on social media - @proticoindia!

Till Next Time,