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Why you Must Invest in Protectors this Monsoon

  • Why you Must Invest in Protectors this Monsoon
  • June 6, 2021

With a pandemic at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment, the need for the elimination of germs and bacteria has become more crucial than ever before. Given how much time we spend in the bedroom, we think it is a good idea to come up with hacks that will protect us from these micro- organisms.

Pillow protectors have become the norm nowadays and are advantageous in several ways.

    1. Bacteria proliferates very rapidly in a warm and humid environment. In the monsoon, when the humidity is at its apex, these germs are in their comfort zone. Pillow protectors prove to be a shield and are made of layers that work against harmful bacteria.
    2. Increasingly, a lot of individuals nowadays are becoming very pet friendly. And for these individuals, there is nothing more rewarding than cuddling with your pet in bed. Due to properties of halting the growth of bacteria, you can enjoy your time with your pets without having to worry about the spreading of bacteria in your bed. Mattress protectors are a boon when it comes to accidental spills!
    3. The rainy season is the season where allergies are heightened. Mattress & Pillow protectors are hypoallergenic – this means that it is perfectly suited for those individuals suffering from allergies.
    4. In today’s busy life, it is important to invest in products that are easy to care for. Protectors are crumple free, hence making them very easy to wash and reuse.
    5. Tossing and turning all night in a set of sweaty sheets is probably one of the worst things possible. Protectors keep your bedsheet and pillow cool and comfortable all through the night, providing you with the perfect night’s rest after a busy day!

Protectors are sending huge waves through the bed linen industry, and for very good reason. With so many advantages, these are bed accessories that will be worth it every single time. SHOP HERE!