Your Ultimate Winter Companion

  • Winter Companion
  • Jan 11, 2021

Your Ultimate Winter Companion

The temperature has taken a lovely dip, which means one thing - it’s blanket season! Blankets for winter time are a must for that warm, cozy feeling. Soft fabrics that envelope the body and feel good on the skin - that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

What makes them so good to feel?

Blankets online can be found in many different fabrics and we at Portico use the highest quality. Our fabrics of choice are super soft Flano (a type of smooth flannel) and polar fleece. We offer blankets for winter that come in both solid and printed varieties depending on the collection.

Let’s take a look at some of the blankets for winter that Portico has to offer, shall we?


Choose from the best!

Picture a present-day, sea-side, English village with vintage cottages and an easy lifestyle - this is what the Jersey collection embodies. It’s modern, soft and sophisticated with a hint of femininity. These beautifully crafted blankets come in a variety of hues and can be used in the thick of winter or during mild summers. These blankets are made using anti-pilling yarn which means they’re durable and will last for years.

For the fun-loving, artistic family, the Imprint & Unwind collection is ideal. The collection is a mix of elevated basics that the whole family can make their own with soft furnishings and pre-loved bedding. The blanket is made from a super-micro print fabric that will look and feel luxurious.


Blankets for Winter to Keep Cozy!

Those were the blankets for winter that Portico has to offer. We’re constantly updating our collections, so make sure you keep checking the website for more blanket options. We hope you have a warm and cozy winter with our blankets - if you take pictures with any of the blankets mentioned here, do remember to tag us on social media!


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