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A Complete Guide to Understanding Quilts, Dohars, Blankets & Comforters

  • A Complete Guide to Understanding Quilts, Dohars, Blankets & Comforters
  • August 24, 2021

There’s something uber satisfying about curating, piece by piece, the perfect linen closet that consists of summer bedding, winter favourites, super-soft fiberfill comforters, classic quilts - you get our drift, we can go on about the fundamentals of building and having a robust linen closet.

The four main bedding components every household should have, apart from a bed sheet set are Quilts, Blankets, Dohars and Comforters. Whether you live in a country that has all four seasons, or not, these bed toppers are essential to every linen closet.

Let’s take a look at each of their unique qualities.

What is a Quilt?

Arguably, quilts are one of the oldest forms of bedding. It wasn’t just a multi-seasonal covering, but it was also an artistic creation, made to pass on down through the generations. Traditionally, quilts were made from leftover fabrics, scraps, and weather-worn garments, giving them a new lease on life. A true form of the no-waste and upcycling concept that is so trendy at the moment.

An authentic quilt is made from three layers: top (patchwork), inner batting (filling), and bottom (patchwork or single sheet). The quilter, as their known, then stitches all three layers in an intricate pattern and design of their choice. Portico Quilts are made with 3 laters- a top, a super soft fiber-fill and a bottom. They are lightweight, being that they’re only three layers. Thus, they’re ideal to use as summer bedding or as an extra bed topper during winter or even monsoon.

What is a Blanket?

Blankets are a type of coverlet that is made up of a single layer of high-quality insulating fabric such as wool, flannel, fleece, polyester, or cotton blends. Portico blankets are made from super soft flanno and fleece material, making them incredibly soft and furry to the touch. The insulating properties of the flanno and fleece fabric trap in body heat but allow your skin to breathe, which makes a Portico blanket an ideal choice for mild summers and winters. They are also great for AC rooms!

What is a Dohar?

The Dohar is a popular coverlet that can be found in most households in India. As the name suggests, do-har means two layers in Hindi, which is the exact composition of a dohar. Typically, a dohar is made from two layers of thin cotton or mul mul fabric, which is held together with a contrasting border. They are ideal for summers and AC rooms for that subtle touch of warmth.

Portico Dohars are made from 100% cotton; it is lightweight and is easy to store and wash. Plus, we have a variety of prints, patterns, and sizes that will suit any bedroom aesthetic. Whether you want a traditional ethnic print dohar, a versatile reversible dohar, or something bold and modern, you’ll find it on www.porticoindia.com

What is a Comforter?

A comforter is both a snuggle buddy and a decorative bedding topper that will keep you warm and cozy at night. Unlike the duvet, is thicker and fluffier, the comforter is filled with microfibre, Thus, making them suitable for mild summers and winters. Another big difference, when compared to the duvet, is that comforters don’t require a cover. A comforter’s top and bottom layers of fabric tend to be printed and decorative, which is why they’re a great bedding topper that will add style and offer utmost comfort.

The Portico comforter is 100% cotton and is available in King size, super King size, single size, and double size - so, no matter the bed, we’ve got a comforter for you! Additionally, we make it a point to include multiple comforter designs in all our collections. If you’re looking for something tropical, traditional, whimsy, uplifting or sophisticated, just click on through to our website, where you’ll find a comforter to suit your needs.

Some might love building houses, but there are others, like us, who love to build our linen closet! We hope you enjoyed our monologue of must-haves when it comes to bedding. If you’re just as excited about shopping as we are, then head to our website where you can browse through all the dohars, comforters, and blankets. Send in pictures of your new purchases being put to good use; we’d love to repost them on our social media handles!

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