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Behind The Seams - Making Our Signature Cotton Bedsheets

  • Behind The Seams - Making Our Signature Cotton Bedsheets
  • April 05, 2021

What do you see when you look at your bed? Your comfort zone? A place where you spend a large part of your day? Well, we at Portico see a canvas that can be nothing less than a piece of art that decorates your room and gives you joy to look at with our signature range of bedsheets. And every piece of art starts with nothing but the best quality materials. Our expertly crafted and designed bed sheets go through multiple processes to get the Portico stamp of approval and hopefully, yours too!

Only the best cotton goes into the yarn

The first step in making our cotton bedsheets is choosing the right grade and quality of cotton to make the yarn. Bales of cotton are carefully chosen to get the right balance between fiber length (staple) and fiber quality (grade). Tests are performed on samples taken from cotton bales to ensure that it passes all quality tests. The cotton is then turned into yarn that makes the fabric of the bedsheets.

Making the fabric of luxury

From the yarn come long sheets of fabric that go into making cotton bedsheets. To ensure that you get only the best product, tests and keen visual inspections are conducted at this stage of the manufacturing process. Even the slightest imperfections are noted and rejected if the fabric doesn’t match the top-quality standards. The fabric is then cut and sent to get a splash of colour through the dyeing and printing process.

Adding colour to your life through bedsheets

In the dyeing process, colour pigments are pressed into the fabric making them vibrant and closer looking to the final product that you see. Because the bleaching and dyeing processes include a number of chemicals that must be mixed exactly, the chemical solutions are carefully monitored. Only skin friendly pigments are used in this process to make sure you get the best skin feel and sleeping experience. A soft resin is then applied to the sheets to prevent shrinkage of the fabric. What comes out are beautifully coloured, skin friendly bed sheets that are now ready to be finished and sent to your home.

The final stamp of approval

After the final hemming and stitching process is over, bed sheets are packed and are ready to reach your home. But not without undergoing rigorous scrutiny and quality control tests. Samples are taken and tested to make sure that the product reaching your home makes you just as delighted as it makes us to make your home beautiful.

Now that you know the love & passion that goes into making our Signature bedsheets, go ahead and try them yourself. And if you already like our bedsheets, go find a new colour to fit the mood you’re in. Happy shopping!