The Craft of Exclusivity

We are a fashion brand, individualistic yet inclusive. We speak through our designs to versatile souls-bold, shy, quirky, loud and so on.
And each of them has different sensibilities and tastes, each catering
to the different moments they cherish.


At Portico, creating specially crafted bed and bath collections is what we do, but priding ourselves on ensuring every product is made for moments is truly who we are. Join us behind the scenes where the magic happens as we translate innovative ideas into beautiful designs, together.


If you’ve got an eye for detail and the vision to see the big picture, we’re more than happy to make room for you. Whether creativity is your cup of tea or being a people’s person is more your speed, actions always speak louder than words. Here, at Portico.


‘Do what you love and love what you do’ is a mantra that weaves everyone together at Portico. Being cut from the same cloth, we take pleasure in bringing our imagination alive through bed and bath collections, tailor-made for life’s special moments. Now that’s got fun written all over it.