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Cotton or Linen Towels- The Better Pick and Why?

  • Cotton or Linen Towels- The Better Pick and Why?
  • Mar 19, 2021

Apart from the one ‘trending’ discussion about the heroin of a movie dancing to jazzy beats, wrapped in a bright towel; there hasn’t been much conversation on towels. Considering we use towels almost daily, it is important to know more about the deciding factors before picking the right towel.

While shopping, you will come across a lot of cotton or linen towels. And the jargon will leave you amused as well as confused. Let us help you cut to the chase.

Here’s the simplest guide to know all about cotton and linen towels; and deciding factors to help you select the best one for you.

Which can dry off all the moisture better?

The primary job of a towel is to dry you up after a shower. For this, you need to know how absorbent it is.

Both cotton and linen are high on absorbency. However, cotton does it better.

Linen can absorb around 20% of its weight in moisture, while cotton can go upto absorbing 30%. Step out of the shower, and see how a cotton towel soaks up all the moisture. Cotton towels are perfect for the humid, summer season.

What is the drying time on the clock?

As cotton tends to retain the liquid for a longer time, it takes a tad bit longer to dry than linen. However, cotton towels with a GSM of 300-500 gsm are pretty quick to dry.

During summer season in India, the overall time difference to dry a cotton towel vs linen towel will be negligible.

What about the softness score of each?

While both cotton and linen ensure a lovely drape, cotton towels usually boast of being more comfortable and soft.

Linens are crisp at first. They tend to become soft after a few washes.

Cotton fibres are finer and breathable than linen fibres, this is why they are super soft and comfortable right from the day of purchase. There’s no surprise as to why they are suited to most skin types.

Which can last longer?

This is a crucial point when making any purchase. Your towel should be an investment. You don’t want it to go down the drain after a few spins in the washing machine.

Cotton works very differently from synthetic fibres. It doesn’t fade or break down, giving it better longevity.

Linen goes on for very long too. It is a smart long-lasting pick and wouldn’t disappoint you.

How is the maintenance like?

It’s important to care for our towels. However, no one likes a cumbersome care routine. Cotton towels can be machine washed with a normal cycle using the regular detergent. Please follow wash care instructions of each towel brand as they may differ from product to product.

Linen needs a tad bit more of attention. It’s advisable to choose a gentle machine cycle and mild detergent for linen.

Friendly note: - Don’t wash either in hot water as it tends to weaken the fibres. Cold and warm water will do the job better than expected! Also, do not iron your towels. You don’t want them to get flat and lose its pile!

We’re sure you’ve got the drill. Accommodate for factors like longevity, absorbency and comfort when picking your next towel. Check our Portico’s range of towels that are super absorbent, long-lasting comfortable and prints that you will fall in love with. It’s irresistibly difficult not to wrap yourself into one!