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Decoding the Springtime Makeover at Home!

  • Decoding the Springtime Makeover at Home!
  • April 11, 2021

Winter is finally behind us. Cold nights have been replaced by warm and balmy ones. Birds are chirping and flowers are blossoming. The smell of fresh flowers wafts through the air. Spring is right around the corner and the days are getting longer and brighter. Revamping your sleeping space can be a great and sure shot way of updating your decor for the onset of this much awaited season. It could be as simple as favouring very light and breezy bedding essentials of the season. Or it could mean pulling down heavy drapes and putting thin and sheer ones. Sometimes, it could mean an entire shift in decor, right from wallpaper or wall colour right down to the flooring or tiles.

Here are some very effective, yet simple ways in which your bedroom could be ready for springtime!

Choose Colours of the Season

A seasonal update could involve something as simple as changing the colour of your bedding. This includes investing in shades of blues, greens and purples for your bedsheets, pillowcases and even your duvets and comforters. Cool hues for spring would perfectly complement the rising temperatures outside and would make your bedroom look and feel more inviting and relaxing!

At times, the order of the day are prints and patterns - attractive prints that bring the outdoors inside, creating a seamless transition between the two areas.

Our wide and exhaustive range of bedding such as Africana, Blossom, Cadence and several others will cater to every preference and every liking, be it patterned or plain. And what's more - for the mind not quite made up, the reversible comforters are perfect and provide a dual design, all in one!

Make your Fabrics Breathe

Nothing can depict the change of season as clearly as the shift from multi-layered bedding to thin and almost weightless bedding. From heavy winter blankets, fit for plunging temperatures to sheets and light dohars. Heavy wool and acrylic fabric can be traded for their relatively weightless counterparts such as cotton and linen. This would lend to your bedroom becoming more breathable and airier - perfect for the warmth and freshness of the atmosphere outside.

Cleaning up!

De-cluttering is the name of the game when it comes to a minimalistic approach. Paint the walls a lighter colour, and get rid of excess and unwanted fabric.

Fresh-cut seasonal flowers in subtle hues like lavender, lemon yellow and green accentuate any home to give it the “spring vibe”

With spring in full bloom, it could bring about a renewed sense of style - an opportunity to perfectly synchronise the warm and toasty exterior with the cool and calm interior. A relatively minor seasonal update in the decor could lead to big changes in overall appearance, creating the wow factor, at the same time, providing your bedroom with a much-needed facelift!