Since last week I have been drooling over environment friendly spaces and green homes. They have a charm of their own and are incomparable to the homes we stay in today. To own such spaces, you have to be determined, be bold to take the less common path, believe in natural living and have a passion to follow your values. Plastics and their by products have a detrimental effect on our environment, and the sooner we take steps to conserve our natural resources the better. In this drive there is absolutely no need to compromise on our decor sensibilities. There are various natural options to jazz up our decor albeit in a way that promotes green living too.

Bamboo & Cane: Now a day’s bamboo is finding great acceptance as a decor element. Bamboo partitions are commonly seen in restaurants and homes. Bamboo, like true wood, is a natural composite material with a high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures. In many South Asian and East Asian countries bamboo is used to construct entire homes.

Bamboo Home

Bamboo furniture is easy to maintain and light in weight Bamboo used as a head board

As dividers

In bathrooms

As planters

Stone: Stone is yet another excellent option to implement in one’s home. Of course, the entire house can be built of stone or one can partly incorporate it to give a rustic feel. Stone is maintenance easy, fireproof and durable.

A stone home

Stone incorporated in kitchen

Terracotta: Terracotta tiles, murals, garden & decor accessories are very popular. Terracotta has a very earthy tone adding a rustic feel to the entire decor.

A dancing terracotta Ganesha mural on the wall adds a touch of drama

Handmade: Some of the other options to create a green home come in the form of mud blocks for walls & athangudi tiles. These processes do involve labor and time but the end result is a happy Eco-friendly space.

A mud block wall

Coir: Coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, etc. Coir can be effectively used in place of synthetic carpets too. Floor carpets made of coir

Coir as planters

Timber or Wood: This is the most extensively used natural element in decorating your space. Homes are built of wood in many countries. Apart from construction of homes they are used in making cabinets and shelves. Wooden artifacts are equally common and attractive. Wood is used in floors, ceilings and roof tops too. Make sure to use wood from old pieces of furniture or scrap wood and let your imagination run wild! A wooden gate Kitchen cabinets in wood

Making a change from conventional to out of box thinking is not easy, but it is a requirement to restore the Earth’s balance and to provide for a better future to the coming generation. Let us do our bit. Include as many natural decor elements in your home as possible.

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