Have you been collecting plates? Or perhaps you have a huge collection of trays and baskets that you absolutely love, but don’t quite know how to store? Well, put them on the wall in a stunning arrangement!

Brass, steel and metal trays are a great alternative to ceramic plates on the wall

But first things first. Curate. Take a long look at your collection. Most often you will look at them and wish you had one or two more plates to take your collection from nice to wow! I waited nearly 4 months until I found the perfect match to my set.

Blue rimmed and blue pottery plates look beautiful on this indigo wall

When all your plates are ready, there are two things you will want to do.

1. One, find a way to fix them on the wall. Unfortunately, in India, you are unlikely to find products like ready-to-buy plate hangers. You have got to do it yourself. You could either

-Hot glue a very strong paper clip (suitable for smaller, less heavy plates) or one of those ubiquitous Chinese wall hangers (for a heavier plate) to the back of your plate. However, make sure you are using reasonably heavy duty hot glue.

- You could use heavy duty double sided foam tape

-You could use a magnetic hook (before you fuse the magnet together, insert a small hook or twine) so that you have something to hang the plate with.

2. Decide on an arrangement (symmetrical, cloud, diagonal, vertical, haphazard).

Though it appears random, there is certainly an order to this arrangement – notice that the smallest plates are at the vertical ends, with the bigger plates clustering around the middle

First trace around your plate on newspaper and carefully cut out the shapes, then keep them aside. I have found that the best way to finalize an arrangement is to use a background in a color similar to your wall on the floor –it could be anything – a huge sheet of plywood painted in the same color as your wall, or a dupatta, or even modelling paper. Then carefully lay out your plates and keep rearranging them until you get an arrangement you are happy with.

Lay out your plates on the floor against a background that is similar in color to your wall.With that done, replicate this arrangement on your wall by tacking up the newspaper cut-outs of the plates. A unique idea for your wall decor

If you are going to hammer a nail in, make the marking on the wall now, then drill and hang up your plates. If you prefer to use the double-sided tape, trace lightly on the wall around the newspaper, then take it off, and carefully attach the plate.

Now step back, and admire!

Picture courtesy- pinterest.com and onsugar.com

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