The happiest day of your life, you have been waiting for is here…A little bundle of joy is soon to arrive!

Now is the time to make space for the new arrival. And you must do it with a bang! So get on with planning of the little one’s room such that it evolves with their age.And… you can never go wrong with a pink & blue theme.

Pink decor for the cute girlie…

Pink is a color that reminds us of the tiny hands and feet of the little one. The chubby cheeks glow all the more with the color pink. Make space for this color in the baby nursery. Since the time the little one arrives, till about 4-5 years of age this color works well in her room. You need not even go for a complete makeover with the color pink but just a color here and a pink there will do the needful. Even as she grows up, the color pink can be subtly introduced through various accessories in her room.

This is such a lovely arrangement where white and pink blends beautifully together to give a soft feel .Neatly arranged storage boxes in the color pink stores the baby’s knick knack. An open wardrobe lets you choose her dress with ease and as can be observed the entire room is not in pink, but a portion is highlighted to make it stand out.

How about this pink Chandelier?

Again a pink book wall…to make it a perfect girlie room

White mirror with pink flowers

Pretty isn’t it?

Little thoughts pave way for a room that your little baby is going to enjoy for a lifetime. A chandelier, mirror, the color of her wardrobe…you can just do one or all of it in pink.

Let us go blue…for the handsome boy in town

Boys love blue. Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. Try incorporating not only the color but elements of sea, tides and the waves…May be some seashells or a yacht!

As they grow older then comes the fascination with cars and aircraft’s. Always plan for a decor that can evolve with the growing taste of the child. Keep blue color as the wall color and keep changing the decor or keep a neutral shade on the wall and keep the decor elements in the color blue such as mats, bedspreads, pillows, blue cabinets for storage etc.

A perfect setting for a growing boy. They are ever curious about the planets and the room decor will keep the fascination intact.

A simple arrangement for two boys sharing a room. Bunk beds save space! Also the storage provided with blue baskets below the bed is recommended, since it is easier this way for the boys to access their toys and other stuff.

Another one for the teenager, who loves to travel, thinks of himself as a rockstar. Help to keep his interests alive in his room.

Again here, it’s a typical young one’s room. An ideal place for a boy’s hangout.

These were some ideas for a pink and blue colour themes for a girl and a boy. Such themes are distinct and can be fun to work around.

So wear your idea caps and get going!

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