Summer season has always been very special and celebrated season in India. We change everything according to the season from food to clothing so why not home decor. While decorating a home one important thing that matters a lot is color. There are some colors that look soothing and have calming effect in summer season. We as an individual have different choices and hence I am sharing summer color palette for all.

Neutral color palette:

Neutral color palette consists of beige, grey, white and lighter shades of blue and green. The beautiful way to incorporate these colors in your home during summers is to paint walls in neutral color and then accent it with either cool color or warm color. For example painting walls in beige grey or white can bring in summery feel. To add drama you can paint one wall in blue or green color. Furnishing can be one or two shade brighter than walls and to add a dash of color accessorize the place with brighter accents like hot pink, burnt orange, lemon yellow and red.

Cool color palette:

Cool color palette has light blue, deep blue, turquoise, pastel green and grey colors. These colors have calming effect and are just perfect for summer. You can play around with these colors very easily as they wouldn’t spoil the overall look even though there is some imbalance in colors. Pick lighter shades for walls and brighter ones for furnishing. Accentuate them with red, fuchsia, coral, yellow or orange. This color palette will create a gorgeous and pleasant look that is just perfect for summer.

Warm color palette:

It’s not true that only cool colors are perfect for summer decorating. Here is a warm color palette that not only brightens up the place but creates summery atmosphere also. Red, pink, orange, yellow, green, teal and blue creates gorgeous summer decorating color scheme. Pick a deep and light color combination to create perfect contrast. Opt for geometrical patterns and textures to play safe, as warm colors in excess can spoil the look. Accessories in vivid colors will add the charm to summer decor. A perfect blend of light, bright, pastel and vivid colors can create an interesting and impressive summer look.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these color schemes and will try to incorporate your favorite color in home decor this summer.

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