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How We Mixed Things Up for The Perfect Slumber!

  • How We Mixed Things Up for The Perfect Slumber!
  • April 06, 2021

How about creating that much needed staycation in your very own bedroom…a cozy den...the perfect décor and place to unwind into whilst binge watching with your popcorn bowl!? So comfortable and inviting that you would like to stay in your bed all day long!?

Well, you may have realized that your bedroom décor actually does affect your mood and in turn your well-being! Therefore, if your room or mood has been dull or listless lately, maybe it’s time to uplift your spirits by redecorating your bedroom!

Small changes such as selecting the appropriate colours and patterns in your room décor can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the room! However miniscule the change may seem, it will surely evoke positive feelings. Which in turn will conjure up happiness and satisfaction in your daily routine…. the perfect way to start your day isn’t it?

Portico presents the perfect backdrop for a cozy setting in your very own bedroom with Mix Don’t Match the perfect bedding ensemble that paints a pretty picture in your bedroom. Exuding luxury in every detail!

Now be sure to dress up your bed in a jiffy for a brand-new look each day!

Spruce up your bedroom by mixing it up with a variety of colours and patterns giving it a classy look. Pattern mixing is now a very trendy way to enhance the look of your bedroom ever so often!

Let’s find out a little more about colours, patterns and the artistic role these elements play in reflecting your style and mood in your room décor!

Warm colours such as red, yellow, orange bring about feelings of optimism, comfort and warmth whereas cool colours like blue, purple and green spell serenity and calmness! Important to note that light colours give a more open feel, maximizing the natural light in the room. Dark shades tend to absorb light making the room seem a little smaller, giving it cozy feel.

So, why not tap into your inner desires …unleash the inner artist in you. Imagine what your room could look like and take the necessary steps to engage in it.

Available in a wide variety of eye-catching colours and interesting patterns, Mix Don’t Match is a range offering must-have products: Bedlinen, bed-in-a-bag, dohars and cushions.

Mix Don’t Match Bedsheet Set

Create a cozy and relaxed feel in your bedroom by embracing the luxuriously soft double bedsheet sets from Mix Don’t Match by Portico! The bedsheets and pillow covers, designed in an array of bold Ikat prints and floral themes, is enhanced with eye catching colours and adds to the warmth of your room. Dream away! Available in double and super king sizes.

Mix Don’t Match Bed in A Bag

Kickstart your week with Mix Don’t Match- the stupendous bed-in-a-bag collection from Portico! Just match any luxuriously soft and supple sheet in pastel shades with any of the super soft comforters from the gorgeous Mix Don’t Match collection by Portico and create a new look. A complete must-have. And the best part? We’ve styled it for you! All you need to do is choose the ones you love!

Mix Don’t Match Dohar

Snuggle away cozily into the intricately patterned completely reversible dohars from Mix Don’t Match by Portico! Incorporating a mix of delicate prints and floral themes in vibrant colours, it’s sure to provide utmost warmth and comfort! Can be coordinated with any of the bedding ensembles! Reverse to reveal a lovely pattern, ensuring two looks for the price of one! Available in double and single sizes.

Now, all you need is that glass of wine and your favourite song on the radio as you unwind into the bedding ensemble by Mix Don’t Match! Beautifully printed soft sheets combined with smart prints on fluffy comforters will make sure you stay tucked into bed all day! Isn’t it ever so easy now to redefine your bedroom with Mix Don’t Match! Simply make it yours now!