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Keeping Your Bedroom Cool This Summer With Bed Linens - Explained

  • Keeping Your Bedroom Cool This Summer With Bed Linens - Explained
  • Mar 14, 2021

The hottest months of the summer season can be challenging and unpleasant. An AC can’t go on for the entire night, the ceiling fan isn’t enough to push away the heat wrapped around our body, and the cold-water bag doesn’t stay cool forever!

What most of us miss out on is digging deep and finding out why exactly are we twisting in sweat all night long. It’s simple - our bodies are feeling warm. The heat Is trapped around our bodies which is intron soaring our body temperature. The most logical way to provide relief is to do something about the items that are bodies are in contact with:

    1. Wearing light and breathable cotton clothing
    2. Opting for cool, summer-friendly bed linen

As summer has already graced us, let’s find out more about keeping our bedroom cool with breathable bed linen.

#1 Go for breathable fabric like 100% cotton

You need a fabric that will ‘not’ cosily wrap the heat around your body. 100% cotton bedsheets are great masters of the ‘letting-go’ philosophy. They will not trap any warm air or heat around your body.

That’s why, cotton bedsheets are termed as ‘breathable’.

Check out Portico’s breezy and breathable bedsheets made out of 100% cotton. We’re sure that the Portico New York Mix Don’t Match Collection will perk up your bedroom with its summer-friendly fabric and vibrant designs. It’s truly a rich spin on all things classic.

#2 Let it appear cooler to the eye too

Have you heard your mother say ‘Now that I see you wearing this bulky top, I’m also feeling hot…!’

Well, this is how the mind works. What we see indeed determines how we feel. Using lighter bedding colours and delicate designs will help your eyes ‘see cooler’ in your bedroom, and contribute to ‘feeling cooler’ to quite an extent.

Check out Portico’s pillows crafted specially to indulge in the summers. Right from pastels, bright signature shades and exquisite summer prints – we’ve got you covered.

A favourite amongst our fans is the Manish Arora eclectic pillow cover set meant to brighten up any sleep space.

#3 Pillow Therapy

We have got the perfect trick to cool down your nerves in the summer. Try placing a gel cooling mat over your pillow. Since these mats mould into the shape of the head, it's barely noticeable that there's a mat on the pillow. Try it out – it’s super relaxing and cooling!

PS: You still want it cosy? Then go for light-weight blankets

Don’t be surprised if you come across someone who likes to sleep in blankets all year round. Well, we've met many.

If you’re the kind, then here are a few tips to tuck into ‘cooler’ blankets in the summer

  • Go for lighter colours that don't absorb heat. This will also make your room look airy and cooler to the eye.

Keep calm and enjoy the summers!