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Just Us: The sensual aura of togetherness

  • Just Us: The sensual aura of togetherness
  • Feb 17, 2021

We’ve all experienced how the wedding season is a celebration of true love, laughter and excitement! So much to be done and as is mostly the case..so little time! The frenzy of it all carries on until the very last minute! As the big day draws near, we begin to plan the perfect gift for the perfect couple, something unique that strikes a chord in their hearts! The journey of the newly married couple then takes on a beautiful meaning as they look forward to spending special moments in their dream home. Afterall, home is where you unplug from the world and connect with the one who makes your life beautiful!

Buying a wedding gift for the happy couple is not only challenging but can be quite a daunting task! Although there a plethora of gifts to choose from, we always want to make sure ours is truly special, making a lasting first impression!

Well, fret no more….

Voila! Portico unveils its most sensual collection ‘Just Us’ that holds the promise of love at first sight! Specially designed to create an aura of togetherness behind closed doors, is an alluring collection that sets the stage to share bedtime stories in style!

That captivating moment of celebrating togetherness with sensuous hues symbolizing love, passion and intimacy has arrived!!

Just Us: Design and colours

Elaborately styled bedding sets with silky sheen create an everlasting impression, signifying the grandeur of the occasion. Infusing your home with energy using rich powerful colours, it features a collection in classic, premium(jacquard) and luxury.

It’s where love is in the air in the most private of settings! From sensual colours to breath taking prints, spending quality time with your better half takes on a whole new meaning.

Available in a desirable range of beautiful bedlinen, cosy comforters, eye catching duvet covers and luxurious cushions in an intense and stunning palette of colours..Intimate gold, ruby rose, silky grey, deep plum, pristine white, a nude shade and dark night.

Just Us Bedsheet:

Make way for the beautifully styled collection by Just Us, curated in rich colours with a silken touch! Featuring indulgently soft bedsheet in super king size, its luxurious sheen sets an everlasting impression! Simply make it yours!


Just Us Comforter:

Snuggle away with your loved one making all your desires come true! Beautifully styled to set an everlasting impression, the exquisite collection featuring Cosy comforters by Just Us sensuous colours, promises utmost comfort and warmth! Available in king size.


Just Us Duvet Cover:

Explore sensual mysteries with the most stylish and beautifully tailored duvet covers from Just Us in king size! Snuggle cosily into its luxurious pattern ensuring maximum comfort to illuminate your space as your heart desires! Available in king size.


Just Us Cushions:

Savor every priceless moment of love with Premium( jacquard), the most luxurious collection incorporating stunning square cushions from Just Us! Beautifully styled with dramatic detailing, it sets an everlasting impression! It portrays exuberant sheen to dress up your room with utmost sophistication!

Gratify your senses with Just Us! Gift a treasure that celebrates every special moment for a happy loving couple! Add a touch of timeless romance to their beautiful bedroom and every moment is like living the dream of ‘happily ever after’!