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White Bedsheets

Q1. Is white a good colour for bedsheets?

Yes. It's no coincidence that most hotels invest in white bedsheets. Not only are they easy to clean, but they also have a calming effect on your mood, ensuring tranquil slumber all night, every night.

Q2. Why are hotel bedsheets and pillows mostly white?

Hotels invest in white bedsheets for two very practical reasons:

    1. First, the colour white exudes purity, thus assuring guests of the bed’s cleanliness while simultaneously adding a touch of luxury.
    2. Second, white bedsheets, if stained, can be bleached or washed in no time to restore their fresh, pristine look.

Q3. Is it recommended to use white bedsheets at home?

Yes, white bedsheets are highly versatile.

Not only do they go hand-in-hand with any decor, but they also provide you with the opportunity to decorate an empty canvas and bring out your personality.

That's not all. White bedding is known to have a calming effect on one's mind, thus drastically improving sleep quality.

Q4. How do I decorate my bedroom with white bedsheets?

    1. For a contemporary look, pair your white bedsheets with a pop of colour, i.e., frilly pillows and fluffy comforters.
    2. Prefer a more minimalistic route? Opt for neutral wall colour combinations, such as off-white or grey, paired with subtle pastel hues.
    3. To refurbish the ambiance of your room almost instantly; match textured white bedsheets with a contrasting headboard.

Q5. How can I make my white bedsheets white again?

The easiest way to restore the colour of your white bedsheets is with bleach.

But, since most bed covers are sensitive to this liquid, we suggest adding one cup of baking soda to four litres of water and allowing your bedding to soak in this mixture overnight.

Bonus tip - Add half a cup of vinegar to this concoction, and voila, your bedsheets will remain fresh for weeks on end.

Q6. Where can I buy plain white bedsheets?

Explore a range of fresh white bedsheets, comforters, duvet covers, pillow covers, and more on Portico’s website. Shop now.