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Bed in a Bag

Bed in a Bag

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Q1. What is included in a bed-in-a-bag?

A bed-in-a-bag usually consists of a bedsheet set (with two pillow covers) and a coordinating comforter.

Q2. Which is the best bed-in-a-bag?

Portico India. Portico's bed-in-a-bag sets are made from 100% pure cotton with super soft fibre-fill inside the comforters. They ensure a coordinated sleep space and at the same time, are aesthetically appealing, providing the best value-for-money.

Q3. How does a bed-in-a-bag work?

A bed in a bag is a self-styled ensemble for a room. It showcases a synchronised sleep space and, at the same time, is exceptionally appealing. Bed-in-a-bag sets provide a more practical solution to individual bedding purchases, especially when it comes to finding matching items.

Q4. What is the difference between a comforter and a bed-in-a-bag set?

While a comforter is sold individually as a product, a bed-in-a-bag usually consists of a bedsheet set (with two pillow covers) and a decorative / coordinating comforter. Luckily, both comforters & bed-in-a-bags are available in a wide range of colours and patterns to fulfil one's every need!

Q5. Where can I get a cotton bed-in-a-bag set?

Shop for unique bed-in-a-bag sets online on Portico’s website. Explore a range of bedsheets, comforters and pillow covers at every price point.
Our Mix Don’t Match, Tuscan, Jade Plus, Sophie, Celebration, and Eden Collections are available in a wide range of designs and colour combinations!