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The Cozy Competition - Dohar vs Comforter vs Quilt!

  • The Cozy Competition - Dohar vs Comforter vs Quilt!
  • Mar 21, 2021

It’s that time again, where we decide which is better - the dohar, the comforter or the quilt! The Cozy Competition, that’s what we’re calling it and we’re introducing you to the top high-quality contenders. So, which do you think has your vote - the trusty cotton dohar, the fluffy printed comforter or the traditional quilt?

Contender no. 1 - The Dohar

What is a dohar?

Dohar stems from two Hindi words, ‘do’ meaning two and ‘har’ meaning layer. Therefore, the literal translation of a dohar is two layers, which is the marker of a good cotton dohar. This light weight coverlet is typically made from mulmul or 100% cotton. They are the perfect companion for temperate climates - breathable in hot summer temperatures and insulating for mild winter temperatures - which is why the cotton dohar is so popular in India. If you’d like to buy dohars online, check out Portico’s cotton dohar varieties, made with soft and high quality fabrics. They come in a variety of contemporary and traditional designs and prints and are available in different sizes.

If you like a more ethnic or traditional design when it comes to a cotton dohar, check out Portico’s Shalimar collection. If you love minimal, contemporary prints, check out the Hashtag collection of dohars.

Contender No. 2 - The Comforter

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a fluffy covering that doesn’t necessarily require duvet covers. The top layers of a comforter are made with a printed or luxurious fabric that matches the design of the bedding sets. They’re usually filled with either insulating cotton fibers, microfibers or a blended fiberfill. A bed comforter is fluffy, soft and has a quilted patterned stitch across it to keep the fillers from being unevenly distributed. Thus, making them the ideal companion during frosty nights. Cotton comforters are breathable and can be used in mild summers, however, they are best for colder weather cities or countries. Portico has a huge range of comforter sets that come in single bed, double bed, queen and king sizes. Our signature collections all include bed comforters that match and will give your bedroom an updated look. Check out our Snow Flake collection of cotton comforters that come in a variety of sorbet, pastel and solid colours that will match any of your existing bedding sets.

Also, check out the comforters and bedding sets from our Havana collection, available in all sizes, including double bed and King sizes. This collection is in collaboration with House of Misu and will surely make your bedroom the most stylish room in the house.

Contender No 3 - The Quilt

What is a quilt?

The most traditional and arguably oldest form of bed covering is a quilt. Typically it is constructed of three layers - a woven cloth top, a layer of cotton or wadding and finally, a woven back/under cloth. The three layers are stitched together using the technique of quilting. Thus, the name - quilt. If you think back to your childhood days, chances are you used a quilt. They were thick and usually made from scraps of leftover fabrics. Depending on the filler, they are great for a variety of climates. However, they aren’t as cozy as a fluffy cotton comforter!

Those were our three contenders for our ‘Cozy Competition’ - who do you think wins the title? We’re partial to a high-quality comforter and the cotton dohar, but we’ll leave the judging up to you! Let us know in the comments who you think is the real winner!

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