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The Designer Dream Team - Working With Manish Arora & Neeta Lulla to Craft Magnificent Bedding

  • The Designer Dream Team - Working With Manish Arora & Neeta Lulla to Craft Magnificent Bedding
  • Mar 26, 2021

It is no secret that the touch of a master craftsman can only enhance a design and bring out the best in a piece of art. So when Portico decided to collaborate with celebrity designers Neeta Lulla and Manish Arora to design its luxury bedsheet collection, you can bet, what came from it was nothing but pieces of art that you can sleep on! With each designer came their own colour aesthetic and design philosophy working its way into the fabric of luxury and comfort to push the envelope for home fashion forward with Portico.

The Exquisite Neeta Lulla Story

The legacy created by designer Neeta Lulla in the world of fashion has become an iconic brand in itself and is recognized globally today. Just her name has come to symbolize luxury, quality and a promise of delivering only the best. Her designs speak louder than her words and exude class in every fiber of fabric. Her use of bold colours, delicate patterns and intricate prints can make your bedroom look as beautiful as a newlywed bride.

Portico brings to you the luxurious Neeta Lulla collection of bedsheets and comforters designed by none other than the stalwart herself. Taking inspiration from ‘baroque’ art, the collection is a perfect blend of classic styles with a contemporary touch. Adorned with delicate design forms in rich regal colours, the bedsheets are an absolute delight to the eye and add a designer touch to your home. Whichever design you choose for your bedroom, you can bet you’d be sleeping like a royal.

The Magnificent Manish Arora Story

Manish Arora, the mastermind and king of avant garde in the Indian fraternity is synonymous with bringing diversity of the rich Indian culture to a global platform. His vividly theatrical outfits blend together the best of Indian tradition with an aura of ecstatic rebellion. His designs have been worn by celebrities all around the world. His work is a kaleidoscope of colours, vibrant prints and out of the box elements making his designs nothing less than a spectacle.

Manish Arora’s bedsheet and comforter collection with Portico redefines the traditional look with a sophisticated, modern design aesthetic. Arora stated to VOGUE in an interview that his philosophy behind this collection was “to bring fun, colour and high fashion to Indian homes.” Woven together with the finest fabric is the sheer lavishness of Arora’s designs featuring emblematic swans, intertwined florals, a touch baroque in his signature vivid colours and style. His designs are the perfect choice for any connoisseur of true luxury and grandeur.

So, give your bedroom a designer makeover and make your bed look worthy of setting the ramp on fire with Portico’s designer bedsheet and comforter collections created in collaboration with Neeta Lulla and Manish Arora in association with Portico. Keep it trendy, keep it chic, keep it designer with Portico!