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Understanding Single, Double, Queen, and King Bed Dimensions

  • Understanding Single, Double, Queen, and King Bed Dimensions
  • Mar 17, 2021

If nap time is your happy hour, then pour yourself over your comfy bed and read on. We are here to tell you all about different bed sizes.

The standard bed sizes available in India are Single, Double, Queen and King. Well, the bigger the bed, the more magnificent the name gets. Let's dive into the bed details!

Single beds:

These are narrow beds with standard length, commonly used for children's bedrooms. They easily fit into the cosy corner or become the centrepiece of a small room.

Dimensions: 36 in × 78 in (91 cm × 198 cm)

Width per person: 36 in

Why get it: The small size works in its favour. It is super simple to make a single bed. You can drape it with pleasing patterns of Portico Single Bedsheets and add comforters and cushions to beautify it. Also, its bedsheets are the cheapest.

Double beds: Also known as full beds, they can accommodate two adults. The space available for one person is a little crunched since it is much lesser than a single bed.

Dimensions: 48 in × 78 in (122 cm × 198 cm)

Width per person: 27 in

Why get it: It snugly fits into smaller rooms and is excellent for a single person. Portico has a wide range of designs for you to style your double beds. You may use Portico Single Bedsheets for this as well. The bedsheets for this size are less expensive than a queen or king size.

Queen beds:

Open your arms, spread yourself and slip into slumber on this larger bed. It is a good choice for couples to snuggle up and is recommended for guest rooms.

Dimensions: 152 cm × 198 cm (60 in × 78 in)

Width per person: 30 in

Why get it: It is significantly more comfortable than a double bed for two adults. The bed leaves enough space around in the room. It's easy to find bedsheets, blankets and other accessories for this size. The Queen Bedsheets from Portico are a great fit for this bed.

King beds:

Your future depends on your dreams. So dream big in a king-size bed. This size looks majestic, is exceptionally comfortable, and gives you enough room to play with bedsheets, throws, and cushions.

Dimensions: 72 in × 78 in (183 cm × 198 cm)

Width per person: 38 in

Why get it: Being the widest, it is the most comfortable. Besides a couple, you can even snuggle up with your child or pet. Check out the Portico King & Super King Bedsheets for a comfortable fit.

If you have been sleeping over the idea of buying a bed, wake up and answer the following questions to conclude.

a. What is your size, weight and sleeping position?

b. What is your budget?

c. What is your bedroom size?

d. How many people would be sleeping on the bed?

e. How often would you change the position of your bed?

These answers will surely make your decision easy! If not, sleep first, decide later, because tired minds don't plan well!