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What does the colour of your bedding say about you?

  • What does the colour of your bedding say about you?
  • April 13, 2021

We are all aware of the fact that colours are associated with various memories in our life. But did you know that colours influence perceptions? Or that they offer windows to our personalities? And did you also know that this especially holds true with regard to the shades we opt for within our bedroom? Our bedroom is our personal space. An area we love to retreat to at the end of a long and stressful day. It is the area that makes us feel secure and allows us to be ourselves.

So, what makes us, as individuals, gravitate towards certain colours? The colour of your décor and, more importantly, your bedding, does say a lot about you!

Here is our lowdown on why we select certain colours. Bedsheets Colour Psychology – 101!

Warm colours, located on one part of the colour wheel, are those with warm undertones. The yellows, oranges and reds embody boldness and prominence. These colours radiate warmth and cosiness and can make larger bedrooms appear more intimate.

The softer shades of yellow, like lemon yellow or a soft buttery hue, are also very easy on the eyes and are easier to live with, in the long run.  They suggest a warm and thoughtful individual!

Or perhaps you’re as dynamic and passionate as the colour red. It demands attention, is almost impossible to ignore and sure does pack in a punch!

Then again, are you adventurous and enthusiastic?  Orange is most likely the colour you will opt for. You are a go-getter and a bundle of energy.

Imagine a soft and billowy bedsheet in the most subtle shade of baby pink. Romantic to the core, you are sensitive to the needs of others.

If these colours are too warm for you, you are the cool type! Cooler shades like blue, green and purple make for popular choices of bedsheet colours and can make a smaller space appear much larger than it actually is.

Is creativity your forte? Then shades of the purple family are what you will go for. Lilac, magenta, lavender – all very unique and attractive colour schemes.

The colour blue, evocative of the sky and sea, suggests a trustworthy and sincere person. This is a very sought-after colour for bedsheets since it’s clean and evokes a sense of peace and quiet.

Immerse yourself in nature. Green is a versatile shade and provides the perfect balance between warm and cold. It signals a person who craves security and stability.

Sometimes, all we want are neutral shades. These shades can make a statement on their own, but are also very compatible with a wide variety of other shades. They could form the perfect picture when coupled with another warm or cool colour.

This light version of brown, beige reminds one of substance and stability. It is subtle and warm, as is the person who leans towards this colour.

Grey, along the same lines as beige does not demand any attention and can easily be accentuated by any other colour from the spectrum.

The colour of bedding that you favour could be more than just a preference. It could actually be very revealing of core elements of your personality.

So, what does the colour of your bedding say about you?