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Why Cotton Is the Perfect Fabric for Bedsheets - Everything You Need to Know

  • Why Cotton Is the Perfect Fabric for Bedsheets - Everything You Need to Know
  • Feb 25, 2021

If it’s good enough for Queen Cleopatra, it’s good enough for the rest of us! That’s right, today we’re talking about 100% cotton bedsheets. Not only are pure cotton bedsheets beautifully smooth to sleep on, but they’re also breathable, which makes them essential for the strong summer months here in India.

A good night’s sleep is ensured when your fitted sheets, bed covers and pillow covers are all made from 100% cotton. Here at Portico, we use only the finest quality fabric, pure cotton being among them. We combine high-quality materials, expert designs and the latest trends to bring you the best bed linen we can possibly offer.

Cotton bedsheets are a must-have in any household because:

    1. They’re comfortable to sleep on,
    2. All natural, safe for sensitive skin,
    3. Last long, because of the tight weave and high thread-count,
    4. Easy to clean, they get softer with each wash.

These reasons alone are why people around the world prefer to buy 100% cotton bedsheets.

If you’re looking to buy bedsheets online, we’ve listed some Portico bedsheets sets below, that will give any bedroom a dose of freshness and style.

House of Misu, Havana by Portico - Pure Cotton Bedsheets

Tropical, earthy, classic and a little bit of safari, that’s what comes to mind when you scroll through the Havana collection, which consists of 100% cotton fitted sheets, pillow covers, bedsheets, comforters and duvet covers. The collection comes in all bed sizes, namely single bed, double bed, queen size, king size and the super king size. If you’re a lover of all things leaf print, then you’ll want to take a deep dive into these 100% cotton bedsheets!

Just Us - 100% Cotton Bedsheets

Want to bring sensuality back to the bedroom? Here’s how - the Just Us range of bedsheets from Portico! Don’t underestimate the feel of bedsheets when it comes to sensuality. These pure cotton bedsheets are ultra-smooth to the touch and feel luxurious on your skin. The next time you have a date night at home, make sure you dress your bed with bedding set from this collection, your partner will thank you - we guarantee it!

Marvella - Pure Cotton Bedsheet sets

Are you ready to flirt with florals, play with peppy geometrics and sleep in comfort? Well then, the Marvella collection is the perfect fit for you. This range of bedsheets is made from the finest fabrics and come in a multitude of prints, style and colours. The collection has fitted sheets, pillow covers, comforters, bedsheets, duvet covers - you name it - you’ll find it! They’re also easy to match with your existing bedding at home - so play with the designs to create a cozy bed nook.

Like what you see? We’ve got a whole lot more on the Portico website. Do spend some time exploring the many collections we have on offer, whether you’re looking for something classic, quirky or designer - we have it all. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, to get the latest updates on all future collection launches.