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Why Hotels Invest in White Bedding – Revealed

  • Why Hotels Invest in White Bedding – Revealed
  • August 30, 2021

No matter where the hotel is located, no matter which season you visit in and no matter what the star rating of the hotel, one thing is for certain – the majority of times, you would notice white bed linen! So, what makes white the go to colour for all hotels when it comes to bedding?

White sheets have a certain factor of purity and freshness about them and are a great way for hotels to prove their standards of cleanliness. Hotels use all white to depict luxury and royalty. Another very important element of having white sheets is that no matter how old the sheets are, they somehow emit a vibe of being brand new at all times.

The colour white is a timeless colour and will never ever stop trending – a big advantage, considering it would prevent the hotel from having to intermittently invest in different colours for their bedding. 

There is also the practical aspect to having white sheets. The colour white would undoubtedly spill over into the bathroom. Having towels and other bath linen match the bed linen would facilitate easy and convenient washing as it would eliminate the risk of colours staining each other. With the number of loads and the vast number of bed and bath linen that would need to be cleaned daily, this can be quite the blessing. And God forbid the bed sheets get stained due to food and drink, the colour white can be bleached in a heartbeat!

When there are several rooms that need to be cleaned and several beds that need to be spruced up, there would be no added chore of having to match bed sheets to pillowcases, or bed sheets to comforters. The entire lot could be pulled out of one giant washer and all beds of the hotel could be made from one giant ironed pile of sheets with little consideration for colour or pattern matching. 

White is a sign of purity and hygiene and is known to instantly affect a person’s mood in a very positive manner. The colour of tranquility will never be jarring to the senses and will lead to an interrupted and peaceful sleep.

Moreover, the colour white is a neutral colour that will be suitable for most palates, irrespective of their personal preferences. It can be easily accented with any other colour and literally any other pattern to inject a different feel to the space.

Whether you use hotels for business or pleasure, it is crucial that your stay is memorable for all the right reasons. For all the reasons mentioned above, it is safest to plump for this colour when it comes to hotel rooms. After all, a happy customer is always a regular customer!